the mpeg frontend

encode2mpeg is a front end to MPlayer/MEncoder and mjpegtools. It is able to convert any kind of video that mplayer can play in a format suitable for VCD/SVCD/DVD, plus it can create avi containing mpeg video.
The program has the following capabilities:


The README is the first document to read. The online help lists all the options, the long online help describes all the options. The rest of the documentation is in these html pages. Read them carefully.

In any moment you can read the html documentation running:
encode2mpeg -doc
Online help specific to a particular option can be showed giving help as option argument:
encode2mpeg -addchapter help
The html page describing a particular option can be viewed giving doc as option argument:
encode2mpeg -addchapter doc


encode2mpeg has different working mode. Click on the links below to see how to choose and select the appropriate mode.
Other features:

Options Check
encode2mpeg will detect an incorrect option on the command line. If you are using a valid MPlayer option and encode2mpeg does not recognize it, you can disable options checking by adding '-toolopts mplayer'. Everything after '-toolopts' is assumed to be a valid option/argument and passed to the specified tool.
Disk Space
Temporary disk space usage is about 2 times the size of the final stream. When using the option -addsub, temporary disk space usage is 2 times the size of the final stream plus the size of the input stream. Be sure to have enough free space on your disk. encode2mpeg does not check for sufficient free disk space.
Input audio stream
If the input stream contains more than one audio stream, it is always better to select explicitely the audio stream you want with the option -aid. If you do not do it, it may happen that MPlayer will chose one audio stream, but MEncoder will pick another one for the encoding.
A/V sync problems
Sometimes the mpeg stream created with encode2mpeg has a/v sync problems. This can happen with some input streams (like Real and WMV) but not with all of them. In general it is possible to solve the problem in this way: use Mpeg Mode and add one of -mc 0/-mc 0.1/-mc 10 to your command line.


The last version is 0.6.4, released 2007-10-18. RPM can be found here.

What's new

Since version 0.6.1 encode2mpeg has been developed with MPlayer 1.0rc1. Next relase will be 0.7.0 and will support MPlayer 1.0rc2.

Default menu are in 16/9 noletterbox now
Buxfixes, code cleanup, several small improvements
Subtitles conversion from graphic to text
Menu bugfixes/new features
Anime/Cartoon optimization
More avi profiles
xvid encoding support (-vcodec xvid)
Bugfixes, MPlayer 1.0rc1 support
Extended telecine encoding support
aac audio
Bugfixes, MPlayer 1.0pre8 support
SVCD/DVD subtitles from Vobsub source
SPU subtitle speedup
Configuration file
Encoding from multiple input image files
Text subtitles conversion
Burning of the output stream to a ISO/UDF dvd disk
Avi profiles
Usage of the option -setaspect has partially changed
Video rotation and TV overscan removing work in Avi Mode
mpegMultichannel Audio
Code cleanup, no new features
SVCD/DVD subtitles from text sources
Fully supporting KVCD specifications
Created the mailing list: encode2mpeg-users
Burning of the output stream to a ISO dvd disk
Easy creation of standard VCD/SVCD/DVD (-stdvid)
Verify of the burned disk
User selectable video codec (-vcodec)
Faster encoding in Mpeg Mode (using the MEncoder muxer)
Video rotation and TV overscan removing
Encoding different source video in one disk
Cache support
Copy of audio streams of different type to SVCD/DVD
dts and mp1 audio
Turbo mode for 2/3 pass encoding in Avi Mode and Mpeg Mode
VCD/SVCD/DVD chapters, subtitles and aspect ratio fix
Mpeg Mode
Interlace support
html documentation

See the Changelog for a more detailed list.


The main way to get support or ask questions is through the mailing list


in order to fix bugs as quick as possible, please follow these simple rules before submitting a bugreport.
send your bugreport to the addresses: encode2mpeg at , encode2mpeg at


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Although I try to keep the documentation as much as possible accurate, I do not have the time to extend/improve it. If somebody wants to help me with this task, I will gladly accept the help.