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encode2mpeg rocks!
Rob, 2007-05-06

Thank you for the great effort you make in producing such GPL tools for some of us.
Asonganyi Defang Ngunyi, 2006-01-21

[...] MPEG mode works great, and I'm also able to create good VCDs and SVCDs using encode2mpeg. The documentation for MPEG mode and creating (S)VCDs is extensive and useful.
Adam Monsen, 2005-10-28

Doom9's Forum post. 2005-09-19

Thank you very much! With your work, I first find a software in linux which works even much better than any software in MS windows. I have tried many video convert in MS windows before, including EOvideo, TMPGEnc, RM Converter, WinAVI etc., many of them also have a/v problem. Among them, I prefer TMPGEnc, it has no a/v problem and is more robust, but it is more slower(about 2~3 times) than yours(in mpeg mode).
Zhifeng Wu, 2005-06-23

A BIG thank you for providing us encode2mpeg. You saved me after 3 days trying to create a VCD using ffmpeg, transcode, etc etc etc. Now I can burn some VCDs and some DVDs with movies of my little baby daughter. :-)
Eustáquio Rangel, 2005-06-10

Thanks a lot for putting the effort into putting this tool together. It was just what I was looking for.
Wayne Dawe, 2005-05-11

I'm glad I found a script like yours for my SVCD needs; there are multiple other programs for that kind of job but it seems they all are missing something (size estimation, n-pass encoding, ...). Thanks again for this script that is from now on my day-to-day tool :)
Patrice Levesque, 2005-05-08

Thank you for encode2mpeg, it's been very very helpful in getting up to speed with video transcoding. And the documentation is really superb.
Matthew Phillips, 2005-05-02

I'm writing this post just to thank you for this nice tool. I was studying how use mplayer this way, and you gave me a perfect solution and good material to study, at the same time.
Manlio Garavaglia, 2005-04-28

I have used your encode2mpeg script and I would like to thank you for it.
Romildo, 2005-04-25

Thanks again for your great software. I use it quite a bit.
John Tocher, 2005-04-18

Thank you very very much for your work and time. Its a very useful and helpful script!
Raphael Brunner, 2005-04-20

I found encode2mpeg very useful to me as it saved me a lot of time allowing me to do very simple things without having to read loads of documentations, and I thank you very much for that.
Stephane Chazelas, 2005-01-25

Thanks for the wonderful script. It made many complex tasks easy.
Harpreet, 2005-01-22

Congratulations! You did a great job, thank you! After many day googling I have found encode2mpeg, the only Linux tool, that really can create a vob file containing the needed video/audio/subtitle tracks and a working DVD structure from it. Mplayer dumps streams without NAV sectors (VOBU), mplex isn't able to multiplex subtitles, Freevo with DVDcopy plugin doesn't work etc.
Ferenc Ötvös, 2004-12-27

Ricardo Galli's post 2004-12-09