Chapters for VCD/SVCD/DVD

Since version 0.3.1 of encode2mpeg it is possible to add chapters to VCD/SVCD/DVD with the option -addchapter. There are three possible usages.

You can give the chapter list on the command line. For example:
-addchapter 0,15:00,30:00,1:10:00
will add four chapters at 0, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour 10 minutes. The first chapter will always start at time 0.

You can give a step and max_chapter. For example:
-addchapter 15:00-1:40:00
will add seven chapters at 0,15,30,45,60,75,90 minutes. The next one, at 105 minutes, is discarded because it is bigger than 1:40:00

You can copy the chapter structure from a DVD with
-addchapter copy
In this case the DVD is scanned to retreive the chapters timing and then the same timing is used for the encoded VCD/SVCD/DVD.

Subtitles for SVCD/DVD

Since version 0.3.2 of encode2mpeg it is possible to copy SPU subtitles to SVCD/DVD with the option -addsub. There are two possible usages.

You can copy all the subtitles with:
-addsub copy
All the subtitles are demuxed from the original SVCD/DVD and then remuxed in the new mpeg stream.

You can give the subtitle(s) list on the command line. For example:
-addsub 0,2
will add subtitles 0 and 2 to the mpeg stream. They will have the same id of the source subtitles. In order to change the id use the command:
-addsub 0,2 -addsdx 0,1
now the subtitles will have id 0 and 1 in the mpeg stream. In the DVD you can associate a language id to the subtitle too. encode2mpeg try to preserve the correct language id, but it can fail. You can anyway set the language id with:
-addsub 0,2 -addsdx 0,1 -addsla en,fr

Only for DVD you can set the subtitle id for each stream mode with:
-addsub 0,1,2,3 -addsla en,fr -dvdsdx widescreen,0,letterbox,1+widescreen,2,letterbox,3
The dvd subtitle with id 0 will use the subtitle stream 0 for widescreen display or the subtitle stream 1 for letterbox display. The dvd subtitle with id 1 will use the subtitle stream 2 for widescreen display or the subtitle stream 3 for letterbox display. The possible stream mode are: normal, widescreen, letterbox and panscan. There are restrictions on the mode you can set due to the aspect ratio of the mpeg video stream and the argument of the option -dvdvideoattr.

Dvdauthor's subtitle patch

In encode2mpeg's source tarball is included a patch for dvdauthor. The patch fix some bugs and add some new features to spuunmux/spumux that makes encode2mpeg run faster when the option -addsub is used. If you do not apply the patch you can still run encode2mpeg, but if you use often the option -addsub, you should patch dvdauthor. Detailed instructions about the patch are included in the README. In case you are copying subtitles from a SVCD, it is mandatory to patch dvdauthor and, in order to use the option -addsub copy, to apply the patch mplayer_svcdsubsinfo.

Adding Vobsub subtitles to SVCD/DVD

Since version 0.5.7 of encode2mpeg it is possible to add SPU subtitles to SVCD/DVD using Vobsub subtitles as source. In order to do so, you need to use the option -vobsubsrc <vobsub path> together with -addsub and eventually -addsdx and -addsla. <vobsub path> has to be the vobsub's pathname without extension, i.e. without the .idx or .sub. If the vobsub is compressed in a rar archive, you need extract it from the archive first.
-vobsubsrc titlevob -addsub copy
the previous options will use the files titlevob.idx and titlevob.sub and copy all the subtitles present in the Vobsub.

Adding text subtitles to SVCD/DVD

Since version 0.5.1 of encode2mpeg it is possible to add SPU subtitles to SVCD/DVD using text subtitles as source. Many popular formats are supported: MicroDVD, SubRip, SubViewer, Sami, VPlayer, RT, SSA, AQTitle, JACOsub, PJS and MPsub. In order to use this feature, you must have the True Type font arial.ttf in $HOME/.spumux. Probably you already have this font installed in your computer, look in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/truetype or, if you have windows installed, in windows/Fonts or WINNT/Fonts. If you cannot find arial.ttf, look at You need to download the file arial32.exe and use cabextract to extract the file you need. Once you have arial.ttf, copy it in $HOME/.spumux.

To add a text subtitle to your SVCD/DVD use:
-txtsub <subtitle file>
The text subtitle will be converted in SPU stream and added to your encoded mpeg stream. It is possible to control some parameters of the subtitle with the option -txtsubopts. For example the option:
-txtsubopts en:10:times.ttf:20:10:ISO8859-2:2:25
will set english id for the subtitle in the DVD, add a delay of 10 seconds to the displayed subtitle, use the font Times, use a font size of 20, use a bottom margin of 10, use ISO8859-2 characterset for the text subtitle, use a subtitle frame 2 pixel smaller (man spumux) and use 25 as subtitle fps. The default values of -txtsubopts are nolang:0:arial.ttf:28:30:ISO8859-1:0:default. You can omit the default values from the argument of -txtsubopts. For example:
-txtsubopts en:5::30
will set english as subtitle Id, add a delay of 5 seconds and use a font size of 30. The other parameters will keep their default values. If you specify a font different than arial.ttf, remember to copy that font in $HOME/.spumux too. The option -txtsubopts apply to a previous -txtsub option. You can have more than one subtitle, each one with a different set of parameters like:
-txtsub <subfile1> -txtsubopts en:2 -txtsub <subfile2> -txtsubopts fr
It is possible to add SPU or Vobsub subtitles and text subtitles using both the options -addsub and -txtsub. The subtitle(s) specifyed with -addsub will be processed first, then the subtitle(s) specifyed with -txtsub