encode2mpeg v. 0.6.4 Copyright (C) 2004-2007 Giacomo Comes This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, to the extent permitted by law. Usage: encode2mpeg options source Options: -h|-help -l|-longhelp -doc|-documentation [[:][]] -noshowlog -o|-output -a [DIRECT,MPEG] -mpegfixaspect [pad|crop] [DIRECT,MPEG] -rotate <0-3> [AVI,MPEG] -overscan -abr -asr [DIRECT] -vbr|-vbitrate -vfr -n|-video-norm [DIRECT,MPEG] -p|-pulldown|-telecine [DIRECT,MPEG] -res <1-7> [DIRECT,MPEG] -gop -kvcd <1-4> [DIRECT,MPEG] -vcd [DIRECT,MPEG] -svcd [1-2] [DIRECT,Npeg] -svcdht [DIRECT,MPEG] -dvd [1-5] [DIRECT,MPEG] -dvdaudiolang [DIRECT,MPEG] -dvdvideoattr [DIRECT,MPEG] -addchapter [DIRECT,MPEG] -nochapter [DIRECT,MPEG] -addsub [DIRECT,MPEG] -addsdx [DIRECT,MPEG] -addsla [DIRECT,MPEG] -vobsubsrc [DIRECT,MPEG] -txtsub -txtsubopts -dvdsdx [DIRECT,MPEG] -ocr [AVI] -ocropts [AVI] -menu [DIRECT,MPEG] -menuopts [DIRECT,MPEG] -menuadvopts [DIRECT,MPEG] -menuextra "txt" [@:op1:..] [..] [DIRECT,MPEG] -menuthumboffset [DIRECT,MPEG] -menubg [@:opt] [DIRECT,MPEG] -menuvtsbg [DIRECT,MPEG] -menuchaptertext "text 1" "text 2" ... [DIRECT,MPEG] -menuaudiotext "text 1" "text 2" ... [DIRECT,MPEG] -menusubtext "text 1" "text 2" ... [DIRECT,MPEG] -menufix [DIRECT,MPEG] -cdburndevice [DIRECT,MPEG] -dvdburndevice [DIRECT,MPEG] -cdi [DIRECT,MPEG] -avi [AVI] -dvd2dvd [MPEG] -stdvid [DIRECT,MPEG] -replex [MPEG] -vcodec [AVI,MPEG] -qmatrix -mpeg1vbr [DIRECT,MPEG] -cbr -mpegmbr [MPEG] -mp1 [mp2enc|encode|copy] [DIRECT,MPEG] -mp2 [mp2enc|toolame|mencoder|copy|musicin|mctoolame] [DIRECT,MPEG] -mp3 [lame|mencoder|copy] [DIRECT,MPEG] -ac3 [mencoder|copy] [DIRECT,MPEG] -dts [copy] [DIRECT,MPEG] -lpcm [DIRECT,MPEG] -acopy [DIRECT,MPEG] -mpegchannels <1-6> [DIRECT,MPEG] -normalize -volume -multiaudio -noscale [DIRECT,MPEG] -monochrome -sync-offset [DIRECT,MPEG] -auto-sync-offset [DIRECT,MPEG] -toolopts [DIRECT,MPEG] -nosplit [DIRECT,MPEG] -avisplit [AVI] -resume -keep -blank [DIRECT,MPEG] -nowait [DIRECT,MPEG] -cacheonly -avionly [AVI] -streamonly [DIRECT,MPEG] -mpegonly [DIRECT,MPEG] -imageonly [DIRECT,MPEG] -isoonly [DIRECT,MPEG] -burniso|-burnudf -verify -encode [AVI,MPEG] -telecinesrc [MPEG] -turbo <0-1> [AVI,MPEG] -hispeed [AVI,MPEG] -bframes <0-4> [AVI,MPEG] -vcustom [AVI,MPEG] -acustom [AVI,MPEG] -encsid -encsdx -encsla -usespeed [DIRECT,MPEG] -usesbr [1-6|>100] [AVI,MPEG] -setaspect [AVI,MPEG] -ofps [AVI] -profile [AVI] -crop [AVI,MPEG] -autocrop [AVI,MPEG] -cpu -interlaced -cartoon [1-2] [AVI,MPEG] -fixavi [AVI] -fixasync [AVI] -title [DIRECT,MPEG] -titleset "title 1" "title 2" ... [DIRECT,MPEG] -video|-videos [DIRECT,MPEG] -cachedvd -savecache [iso] [raid] -removecache -audioonly