MpegMultichannel Audio

Since release 0.5.3 encode2mpeg supports Mpeg Multichannel Audio format. This means that you can have a standard SVCD with more than 2 audio channels per audio stream. You can therefore convert a DVD with AC3 5.1 audio to SVCD and keep all the 5.1 audio channels. If your audio equipment is not MPEG Multichannel compliant, you will hear a normal stereo sound.
In order to select MPEG Multichannel audio add the options: -mp2 musicin -mpegchannels 6 to your encode2mpeg command line. In Mpeg Mode you need also to add -replex and use -encode 0:m:i. Remember, it makes sense to use these options only if your source video has more than 2 audio channels in the audio stream. In order to mantain a reasonable audio quality you should keep the abr to 384 (it is the default for multichannel audio). You may also need to reduce the vbr to a lower value (2355) in order to keep the total bitrate within the SVCD specifications.

Example Direct Mode:
encode2mpeg -o SVCD5.1 dvd://1 -svcd -n p -aid 128 -mp2 musicin -mpegchannels 6
Example Mpeg Mode:
encode2mpeg -o SVCD5.1 dvd://1 -svcd -n p -aid 128 -mp2 musicin -mpegchannels 6 -mpeg -encode 0:3:2 -replex
If you use Mpeg Multichannel Audio encoding on regular basis, please contact me. There may be still some adjustement that can be done.

How to test your audio equipment

You can easily test if your audio equipment is MPEG Multichannel compliant:

Software requirements

In order to make MPEG Multichannel Audio you need to install the MPEG-2 Audio Simulation Software Distribution 10. The README contains step by step instructions about its installation.


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