Different source videos on a single VCD/SVCD/DVD

Sometimes you would like to put on a single disk videos from different source streams. Since 0.4.1 encode2mpeg support this feature.

For each source stream add the option -video followed by the argument(s) necessary to completely identify the video stream. Example:
encode2mpeg -o <NAME> <common options> -video video1.avi -video video2.ogm -ss 60 -frames 2500 -video dvd://1 -chapter 3-4
encode2mpeg will create a mpeg for each source video and then the binary image or the DVD filesystem. There will be as many chapters as the number of source videos. The DVD created in this way is single-title multi-chapters (for a multi-title DVD see here). The VCD/SVCD is multi-tracks (with the disadvantage that it does not play seamless between tracks). Since 0.5.5 it is possible to make a single-track multi-entry-points VCD/SVCD, but with the following limitations: only single audio streams without subtitles are permitted (therefore this limitations apply only to SVCD). In order to use this feature, add the option -addchapter copy to your command line before the first -video option. In case you use the option -stdvid, the option -addchapter copy is automatically enabled; in order to disable it (and make multi-tracks VCD/SVCD) add the option -nochapter after the option -stdvid.

If you have many source videos (10, 20, 50 or even more), you can use an alternate syntax:
encode2mpeg -o <NAME> <common options> -videos video1.avi video2.ogm movie*.mpg
The source videos must be present on the disk and each video will be fully converted (it is not possible to select a part of the video with -ss, -frames, -endpos etc.).