Simple command line to create VCD/SVCD/DVD

encode2mpeg has many options. In can be difficult, sometime, to find the correct set of options necessary to create a standard VCD, SVCD or DVD. Since 0.5.0 a simple command line should be enough:
encode2mpeg -o <TITLE> -n <NORM> <SOURCEVIDEO> -stdvid <n>
where n can be:
  1. VCD Direct Mode
  2. disabled
  3. VCD Mpeg Mode
  4. SVCD Direct Mode
  5. disabled
  6. SVCD Mpeg Mode
  7. DVD Direct Mode (mp2 audio)
  8. disabled
  9. DVD Mpeg Mode (mp2 audio)
  10. DVD Direct Mode (copy of input audio)
  11. disabled
  12. DVD Mpeg Mode (copy of input audio)
You only need to specify the TITLE of the output mpeg stream, the video norm (PAL/NTSC), the video source (anything MPlayer can understand) and what kind of Mode for your VCD/SVCD/DVD do you want.

These are my recomendations about the different Modes:
So, what the -stdvid option does? It set the Mode and other options equivalent to these: -asr 44100 (48000 for DVD), -mp2 toolame, -a 2, -mpegfixaspect, -addchapter copy. The log file will show the options actually used. Of course, you can add all the other supported options if you need them. For example, for a DVD you may want to add -a 3.